Diverse, simple, good!

After three exciting days at the ZVO Surface Days in Berlin, our team brought a clear message back from the trade fair: We are on the right track – but there is still a lot to do!

Good and simple tools to support digitalization – that’s exactly what we need in the electroplating industry.

As Johannes Spahn also pointed out in his presentation, everyone wants to digitize, but only a few know where to start. Most companies have an ERP or SAP system, but production, warehousing, logistics and, above all, the laboratory are rather secondary. Most people don't even have wastewater on their radar!

Even if expectations are high, unfortunately many fail to implement them. There are many reasons for this: from complexity, to outdated systems, to a lack of time or even know-how. The requirements of different companies are so different that it is difficult to find a general solution.
Even after the digitization of individual operational areas, there is still a need to review the measures taken with sufficient expertise.

We at BAG are filling a gap here. By helping you to bring together your data from all operational areas on one platform and evaluate it, you have the opportunity to learn from it. Through strategic approaches, we develop YOUR optimal solution!