Workshop to launch the project “Digital networking in the electroplating process chain”

At the end of July, the first workshop on the project “Digital networking in the electroplating process chain” took place following Surface Technology 2022. The intensive discussions at Surface with customers, suppliers and colleagues show that BAG Smart Analytics is on the right track with the development of solutions for the automation of analytics and company processes.

The hosts, Managing Director of BAG, Dr. Elke Spahn and Frank Benner, together with the experts from Schlötter, Thomas Haberfellner, Head of Sales & Service and Alexander Pohl, Business Application Manager, together with employees of the B+T Group, Daniel Eckstein and Philip Grobecker from IT, as well as Katja Schäfer, Occupational Safety, explored further steps for the development of the “ASAP” program from BAG Smart Analytics.

The central theme of ASAP is chemicals, analytics, with all aspects from storage to occupational safety and disposal. In a pleasant atmosphere, the goals were defined, solutions and opportunities for the upcoming challenges were worked out and future collaboration was sealed.