Everyone is talking about digitalization, but what does the reality look like?

The industry has its sights firmly set on digitalization. However, the question often arises as to how it can be specifically implemented. Many companies have Parts of their operations have already been digitized, but how can these different ones Areas communicate effectively with each other, and how can they? evaluate generated data sensibly? Digitalization often already fails due to the lack of a clear concept.

In our workshops we examine the fundamental aspects of digitalization and address the individual situation of the participants:

  • Definition of the initial situation and goals
  • Linking device interfaces and data from different systems from all operational areas
  • Opportunities and strategies to close information gaps by collecting and evaluating additional data

The positive effects of digitalizing your processes are undisputed:

  • Cost and resource efficiency – the targeted use of chemicals, energy, working hours, etc. has a positive effect on the cost structure
  • Product quality – if production data is linked to one another, ways and means can be found to guarantee and increase product quality.
  • Process reliability and product traceability – defined standards and processes bring transparency for both operations and customers and accelerate communication and interaction.
  • Legal certainty – in accordance with the legally required CO2 balance and the product passport expected from 2027.

Using a highly digitalized model operation, we will show you a possible path to digitalization.
We will also introduce you to a modular data platform that enables the seamless integration and evaluation of your data.
Take the first step and register for one of our workshops. Take advantage of the opportunity to network and gain valuable inspiration from exciting technical discussions with participants from other companies and industries.

Further information can be found here: Workshop Industry 4.1
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We look forward to the exchange! Because knowledge opens up new possibilities!

Sincerely yours

Dr. Elke Spahn, Frank Benner and the BAG Smart Analytics team.